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About Us

No More Scary Waiting Rooms

+ exposed to sick animals in a cramped environment?! No Bueno.

Easily book your appointment with our Trusted Vets and they will arrive at your doorstep.

Cars, Trains, Buses, Oh My!

Tell Fido to fuhgeddaboudit!

Your furry loved one(s) will thank you later for the extra nap time while waiting in comfort for the Doc to arrive.

But My Dog Ate My Wallet :(

You're barking up the right tree!

Our dedicated BarkDoc staff are committed to keeping home Veterinarian Care at affordable rates consistent with the rates in your area, plus all the convenience of staying in your own home.


General Care

Routine annual/bi-annual exams, check-ups, vaccinations, labwork, heartworm/tick testing, parasite testing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

A little under the weather?

Upset tummy? Cough? We can help get your pet the medical attention it needs and feeling better in no time.                                                                                     We provide treatment of minor injuries, allergy testing, echo-cardiograms, and ultrasounds.                                                                                    Remember if your pet is experiencing a life threatening emergency, please visit a emergency clinic asap.

Peaceful Goodbyes

Deciding when the right time is let your pet go is extremely difficult.                                                                                       We help make the process as easy as possible, so all you have to worry about is giving your furry friend lots of love.

"Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I'll miss you, until we meet again"


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